Directions: Analyze (describe, and discuss why that specific setting was appropriate for the book) and find
a picture that closely resembles the primary setting and explain how the setting influences the
characters, the tone, and the mood

The primary setting for Chains is New York during the American Revolutionary War in 1776. However, the initial setting of the book is the countryside of Rhode Island. The transition from Rhode Island to New York is a difficult one for the main character Isabel. She is used to the quiet of the countryside and has learned how to work on a farm and take care of animals. When she is moved to New York, it is difficult for her because she was not prepared the fast-paced city life. She also has to learn how to cook and clean in an entirely different way than she was used to. She misses working with animals and the peacefulness of the countryside.


The Rhode Island countryside, 1776 where readers are first introduced to Isabel. It is important to understand how different her surroundings will be when she is transported to the busy streets of New York City.


New York during 1776.


New York during the American Revolution 1776. Isabel can hear the battles because some of them take place right outside her window while she is living in the Lockton mansion.