Directions: Write a short narrative from the perspective of one of the characters about an event that occurred in the book.

I couldn't believe this was happening; I couldn't believe that I let it happen, but what could I do? How could this man say that there was no will? Mrs. Mary Finch said we would be freed upon her death. I saw her will. She had taught me to read and I knew what the words on the page had said. I read it with my own eyes. We were supposed to be set could this be happening to me and Ruth?

We had stayed by her side while she was dying. We were the ones who had brought her food and cared for her. Ruth and I could have run away while she was sleeping, but we stayed by her side caring for her. Her nephew was lying and the pastor knew it, but he did nothing. How could he call himself a pastor and allow this man to lie. Hadn't he known about the will too? Yes, Yes he had. He was no pastor; he was nothing. Mrs. Mary Finch wouldn't have wanted this; God wouldn't have wanted this. I hated him just as much as I hated Mrs. Finch's deceitful nephew. I looked down at the ground. The air around me turned cool as the water behind my eyes began to spill out.

I couldn't speak. I told them, I told them before about the lawyer that had the copy of the will. They didn't believe me....or they didn't care. There was no justice here. I was angry at them; I was angry at myself. I had believed in her words and I had believed we were going to be free. The thought of freedom had lifted my soul and had made my steps lighter. Now I felt like a stone, heavy and unable to move. I couldn’t even look at Ruth. I squeezed her hand; it was all I could do.