Directions: Explain how the author conveys mood and tone through word choice. Cite 5 specific examples (copy word for word and include the page number) then, state the mood and tone that is conveyed through those words and why. What is the author’s tone and how does it set the mood for the reader?

EX 1: "The best time to talk to ghosts is just before the sun comes up. That's when they can hear us true, Momma said." (52)
Tone: The author creates a supernatural tone nostalgic tone in this passage.
Mood: The mood is dark and wistful in the reader because they are sad for Isabel.

EX 2: "I don't have much time," I told the grass-covered grave. "Where do you want us to go? What should we do?" (78)
Tone: The author creates an sense of urgency through the short, hurried questions that Isabel is asking.
Mood: The mood is the reader is urgent- we want Isabel to get a response, but we know she won't.

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