Directions: Create a glossary of 20 words/terms that come from your book. These words can be specific
to your book or just words that were new or interesting to you. Your glossary should include: the word/term- a thorough definition. It is alright if you copy and paste your definitions from the internet, just be sure that the definition that you use is the correct one for your book.

1. kin-a group of persons of common ancestry
2. scraggly-irregular in form or growth; lacking uniformity
3. oatcake- a thin flat oatmeal cake
4. baptized-to purify or cleanse spiritually especially by a purging experience or ordeal
5. manufactories-a factory, mill, or plant where things are created
6. simpleminded-devoid of subtlety : unsophisticated
7. proprietor-a person who has the legal right or exclusive title to something
8. missus- a less formal use of mistress, or Mrs.
9. packet-boat-a boat (as orig. a fast sailing ship) chartered by a government to carry mail and dispatches
10. casks-a barrel-shaped vessel of staves, headings, and hoops usually for liquids
11. Guinea-region W Africa bordering on the Atlantic from Gambia (on N) to Angola
12. homespun-spun or made at home
13. wharf-a structure built along or at an angle from the shore of navigable waters so that ships may lie alongside to receive and discharge cargo and passengers
14. fortifications-something that defends, or strengthens; especially: works erected to defend a place or position
15. inclined-having inclination, disposition, or tendency
16. quills-(1) : a bobbin, spool, or spindle on which filling yarn is wound (2) : a hollow shaft often surrounding another shaft and used in various mechanical devices
17. diminution-the act, process, or an instance of diminishing
18. mildewd- An older way of spelling mildewed-a superficial usually whitish growth produced especially on organic matter or living plants by fungi (as of the families Erysiphaceae and Peronosporaceae)
19. hither-to this place
20. tolerable-capable of being borne or endured