Genre: Explain what genre your book is and how you know that. Also, how does the genre of the book
affects the expression of the theme or the topic? In addition, explain how the book would be different
if the author wrote it using another specific genre. This should be an explanation of at least 2-3

Chains is written in the historical fiction genre. This novel is considered historical fiction because the events take place in the past and while the majority of characters are fictional, the plot line includes real historical events and people. The plot itself is woven into these historical events and practices, such as the American Revolution and the institution of slavery that was legal in 1776.

If Anderson had chosen to write this book in another genre, the entire story would be different. Chances are that the main character, Isabel, would not have been a slave and much of the conflict that occurs in her life due to this fact would not have existed. In addition, there is tension present throughout the story between Isabel's Loyalists masters the Patriots that surround them. Isabel’s willingness to risk her life to spy on her masters’ in hopes of freeing her sister is one way that Isabel’s courage is revealed.